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John, our
                                                        Kerry bull,
                                                        father of the
                                                        class of 2005
John, our first Kerry Bull, patriarch of the Bobolink Black Grazer breed

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News Flash from Nina & Jonathan White:

Dec  23rd, 2013:


We've dried off most of the herd for the winter, so we are currently milking just a handful of late/early calvers.  But thanks to the excellent grass growing weather this season, there is plenty of cheese in the cave!

Nina & Jonathan

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BobolinkLLC Dairy derives its name from the ground-nesting bird that frequents its pastures and meadows.  In Spring 2003, we began making cheese from the milk of our twenty mixed-breed, grass-fed cows. In the 2012 season, we'll be milking between 50-60 cows, and we have a bumper crop of young heifers and bulls of our new breed, the Bobolink Blacks, which are the result of crossing several common "modern" dairy breeds (Ayrshire, Guernsey, Jersey, etc.) with the ancient Kerry cattle of Ireland. 

Cheese...and bread, too

Paula's coupe

In addition to the farming and cheesemaking, we also bake rustic, breads to go with our cheeses. Our new wood-fired oven, designed by the late Alan Scott, has a hearth that measures 48 X 72 inches (about 1.2 X 1.8 metres).  Like our first oven, it is a single-chamber "black oven", the sort that has been in use since ancient times. In engineer-speak, it's a biomass-fueled combustion chamber and thermal stack, which stores the heat from an overnight wood fire in its hearth, walls and dome, and re-rediates the stored heat during the bake.

Our breads are once again available at the farm and at our several farmer's markets in and around New York City.

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Cows, Bread and Autism


As many of you already know, our younger son, Jacob, now 19, is autistic: while he is quite intelligent, he has very limited speech capability, equivalent to about a typical three year old. Despite his disability, Jake is very outgoing, engaging, curious, and diligent about matters that engage him.

Two matters that definitely engage Jake: cows and baking. Our kids have spent a lot of time in and around dairy farms, and Jake seems to have a particular affinity with cows, and cows seem to respond well to him--hey, they don't even know that he has a speech handicap! As for baking, those who know Jacob know well his passion for mixing, kneading, baking and, most importantly, eating baked goods.

So, among the many reasons for our family's move, is that we hope to make a bright future for Jacob. In my extensive collection of old dairy and farm books, there are many photos of people working on farms and in cheese factories, who appear to have one learning disability or another.

One photo that particularly comes to mind is of a young man in perhaps the 1950s, with biceps like Popeye's, operating a manual cheese press. His bright-eyed, proud and smiling face belies the markers of Down syndrome, although there is no mention of it in the text. This young man had a good job and was proud of it. Nowadays, a Down kid or someone like Jacob is more likely to have a job raking leaves or putting parts in a bag on an assembly line.

Agriculture and food production, in simpler times, had more room for people with disabilities. As modernity has taken its toll of the quality and flavorfulness of food, it has also eroded the opportunities for those of us who are different. So, wish us well as we set out to set it right!


Jonathan White filling
                  cheese moulds

We offer internships in cheesemaking, grass-based dairy farming and bread baking.
Internships can take the following forms:

Academic Internship: We may be able to develop an internship to meet your school's academic requirements. (some schools call them "externships"). Typical culinary internships of, say, 18 weeks, will be offered in conjunction with recognized culinary arts programs.

Seasonal appenticeships: For the serious would-be cheese and/or bread artisan, a full-season (10-12 month) apprenticeship is available, including all aspects of grass-based milk production, cheesemaking, ripening room operations, baking, and direct marketing.

Individuals interested in Bobolink Internships should write a brief letter describing their goals, education or prior experience, and send it along with three references via email by clicking here .

Visiting the Farm:

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Please stay tuned for developments, and cheese news!

Nina & Jonathan

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Power of Real Cheese--essay  Cooking with children  Whence Jonathan & Nina?
Nina & Jonathan White, image copyright 2008
              Christian Witkin--used with permission--all rights
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Jake on front porch

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Who we are, and how to reach us:
Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse was founded by Jonathan White, Cheesemaker and Nina Stein White, Dancemaker , in 2002, on a leased farm in Sussex County, NJ.  We purchased a 185 acre farmstead in Milford, NJ in March of 2010, and moved our family, herd and business to Milford in June 2010.

Nina, Jonathan and Bulah, photo by Miki
Jonathan and Nina can be reached via email.
Links to our friends:

  • Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance --The good folks who helped us to purchase our farm
  • The Ship Inn --A friendly British brew pub in the nearby village of Milford, NJ
  • David Amram , the man whose cows and goats got me started....
  • Rosner Soap--if you love our cheeses, we know that you'll love Kiki & Yaron's soaps, too. 
  • Alan Scott, of blessed memory, our wood-fired oven Guru
  • Ricki Carroll, the Patron Saint of American Cheesemakers 

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